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Our Products


*  All products distributed by our company are confirm with hygiene standards for agri-food industry. We are able to produce parts that you need according to your request.

*  We offer a range of accessories for conveyors. We are also able to provide channels nude or semi trolleys on synthetic, aluminum and stainless steel. Our 1/2 trolleys and trolleys are manufactured for all types of conveyor. The trolleys for 4’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’ et 12’’ conveyor are 100% interchangeable. The screws and nuts used in these half trolleys are made of stainless steel.

*  The pistol VentCutter VAV-2 is a simple, easy and fast and is suitable for all types of poultry.

*  Our Neck, Legs and Hock Cutters are easy to use, easy and quick action of their single cylinder requiring very little maintenance. The spare parts are sold separately.
The Model TK, TKE and BAK-H can be delivered alone or in its full version : Secateur, Stabilizer with SS cable, Pneumatic & Flexible. Each of the accessories can be supplied individually. To protect the fingers, we have in collection a glove for work with secateurs. Anti-crush under a pressure of 20 bar and Anti-cut, Latex.

*  We offer a range of accessories for all types of machines for the defeathery industry.

*  This web site enable you to have an idea of our most selling spare parts and we remain at your disposal for further information you may need and others spare parts which are not in this presentation.


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